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Mother praised for her reaction after son admits his school project is due in 24 hours

‘The way he’s never going to be afraid to ask momma for help’

Brittany Miller
New York
Thursday 07 March 2024 16:28 GMT
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Everyone has been in a situation where they’ve procrastinated working on a school project only to need to complete the entire thing in one night.

Gabriela Palacios recently took to TikTok, to show her seven-year-old son Leo announce he had a project on Komodo dragons due the next morning. “My son at 9.30 pm telling me he has a diorama due tomorrow on Komodo dragons!!!” text across the screen read in her video.

In the clip, Leo explains that he completely forgot about the project and its deadline and appeared remorseful.

“I forgot and I’m so sorry,” he told his mother as she whispered in response to avoid waking up his siblings.

“The reason we’re both whispering is because I was laying in bed with his little sister and she had fallen asleep,” the mother later revealed in an interview with Today.

However, instead of getting upset with her son for his mistake, she decides to calmly let him know that these things happen. “It’s okay, baby,” she replied.

To show his appreciation for his mother not getting upset with him, Leo then gives her an offer on when she could help him. “You can take a little rest or you can do it now,” he told her.

The two then got up and headed to their local Family Dollar right before closing to gather all of the supplies needed to put the project together.

According to Palacios, she let Leo do the majority of the work on the diorama and only assisted with the necessary tasks like using the hot glue gun.

“I’m in my son’s corner. We’ve all been there where we’ve forgotten about something until the last minute and needed somebody to bail us out,” she said.

After posting, her TikTok went on to receive over five million views with many commenters praising both Palacios and Leo for the way they handled the situation.

“The way he’s never going to be afraid to ask momma for help,” one person wrote.

Added another, “Thank God he doesn’t have the parents we had, I’m so happy that you said ‘it’s okay, baby’ that healed a little part of me also….”

“As an adult, I forget stuff or do stuff at the last minute ALL THE TIME. Kids’ little brains are working so hard how can we get mad at them trying,” a third commenter pointed out.

Other commenters laughed at Leo’s offer to at least let his mother rest first.

“In his defense, he did give you the option to take a little rest first,” one commenter wrote.

“You can rest but just letting you know we’re BOTH in trouble cuz it’s required,” another commenter joked.

The mother then made a second video showing her and Leo putting the project together.

Praise continued in the comments section a second time with many commending the mom for helping her son.

“Love this! We’ve all forgotten something that must be done. You’ve taught him responsibility & accountability. He’s a sweetie & now he can sleep well & go get that A in the morning,” one person wrote in the comments section.

The mother revealed to Today that Leo ended up making the deadline and gave his presentation the next day.

“​Leo gave his presentation in front of his class and he was so proud,” Palacios said. “He said he was so glad he wasn’t the only kid without a diorama.”

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