Influencer calls out sizing inconsistencies among high street brands with Instagram post: 'This to me is madness'

'If something doesn't fit you please remember that there is NOTHING wrong with your body and EVERYTHING wrong with the clothes'

Chelsea Ritschel
Tuesday 21 July 2020 18:33 BST
Influencer shows sizing discrepancies among popular clothing stores (Instagram / @the_Rebeccaedit)
Influencer shows sizing discrepancies among popular clothing stores (Instagram / @the_Rebeccaedit)

A fashion influencer has called out the inconsistencies in sizing between popular clothing stores with a post showing the difference in fit of three pairs of jeans in varying sizes.

Becki, from Leeds, who goes by the username @the_rebeccaedit on Instagram, recently discussed sizing in fast fashion and the importance of not allowing a clothing size to influence your self-worth in an Instagram post.

In the post, Becki shows how each pair of jeans fits, explaining that they are from different stores and a different size - but that the jeans that are the biggest size are actually the tightest.

In the first photo, the influencer attempts to fit into a size 12 light blue pair of jeans from Zara, which she can only pull up to her thighs.

The second photo shows Becki wearing a “roomy” and “comfortable” black pair of high-waisted jeans from Zara, which are a size 10.

A third photo sees her wearing a pair of size eight white jeans from New Look, which also fit but are a “little snug”.

In addition to showing how the pants fit on her body, the blogger shared a photo comparing the sizes of the three pairs of jeans, with the Zara jeans in the biggest size clearly smaller than the other two.

“Sizing. Specifically high street sizing. I have no words,” Becki captioned the photos, explaining that she created the post because she wanted to prove “sizing is not an exact science (especially in fast fashion) and you absolutely cannot attach your self-worth to the number on the label because you’re setting yourself up to fail.”

“Is there any wonder no one knows what size they are?!” Becki continued. “This to me is madness and if I wasn’t as comfortable in my own body and my own skin as I am, these jeans would make me feel rubbish, worthless, fat and the list goes on.”

In the caption, the influencer then implored her followers not to let sizing and clothes define how they feel about themselves.

“You are more than a size label,” she wrote. “You are more than those jeans that don’t quite fit right. And if something doesn’t fit you please remember that there is NOTHING wrong with your body and EVERYTHING wrong with the clothes.”

And while she acknowledged that clothing sizes aren’t universal, Becki said she “cannot comprehend a world where a size 12 pair of jeans are SMALLER than a size eight pair of jeans.”

The fashion blogger concluded the post reiterating that people should not let clothes that don’t fit “distort your perception of your beautiful, wonderful body”.

“And certainly don’t let them ruin your day,” she added. “You are enough, just the way you are.”

The body-positive post prompted many of Becki’s more than 4,000 Instagram followers to thank her for the reminder.

“Thank you for posting this. It is almost like the fashion brands are gaslighting us all,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Oh my goodness… This is staggering!! Thank you for sharing this and for the very important reminder.”

“Ahh this is amazing. The amount of times I’ve been gutted about not fitting into certain jeans when smaller sizing have fitted me fine,” someone else commented. “Thanks for sharing this.”

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