Slugging: The moisturising technique skincare gurus swear by

'Slug-life chose me'

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Monday 17 January 2022 11:41 GMT

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


With winter months turning our skin dry and flaky, some skincare gurus have come up with a simple cure that many swear by - slugging.

Thankfully, the trend doesn’t involve any slithering molluscs - but it does involve a significant amount of gooey Vaseline - which may actually feel similar.

The topic of numerous Reddit threads, including one called “I’m in Love with Vaseline,” slugging is actually the process of smothering your face with Vaseline before you go to sleep.

According to slug-life fans, the method is pretty simple.

First, you prepare your face by using your regular nighttime skincare routine. Then, once your face is clear and your moisturiser is applied, you slather a copious amount of petroleum jelly on - which promises to hold in the moisture and leave your skin baby soft.

And from the reviews of sluggers, it seems the method is a life-changer.

One person wrote of their first time “slugging”: “Let me tell you. My face was sticky going to bed. I looked like a snail. An Invertebrate. I went to bed disheartened. Mucous-covered. Slug-like.”

But they woke up the next morning to skin that has “NEVER BEEN SO SOFT. I am reborn. I was not a slug; I was a caterpillar in the cocoon. I’ve emerged a beautiful butterfly.

And apart from the bug metaphors, they wrote: “No new breakouts. My skin is smooth.”

Slugging uses Vaseline to lock in moisture
Slugging uses Vaseline to lock in moisture

Others have shared similar testimonies - with many people claiming that the method has completely transformed their skin.

“It is magic I have never encountered before now,” wrote one woman.

Another said of the process: “I couldn’t believe how soft, smooth, and moisturised my skin looked and felt.”

The method works because petroleum jelly is occlusive - meaning it forms a film on the skin and prevents loss of water, so your skin ends up smooth and moisturised.

And apparently, the petroleum jelly does not ruin your pillows - a question brought up numerous times on Reddit.

According to those who use Vaseline in their nighttime routines, the petroleum jelly soaks into your skin, leaving your pillowcases clear from the goo.

No slugs are required for slugging skincare
No slugs are required for slugging skincare

However, while many claim Vaseline and similar products are the secret ingredient in their skin care methods, others are wary of the substance - as it can clog pores.

If your skin is sensitive, rubbing petroleum jelly on top can result in acne, and it is best to avoid the substance altogether.

But if you are desperate for a cure to dry winter skin or looking for the secret to plump, soft skin - slug-life may be it.

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