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Worst date ever? Woman’s bizarre Taco Bell tale goes viral

Tinder weighed in saying it was one of the worst dating stories they’ve heard

Shweta Sharma
Monday 11 October 2021 15:42 BST
Woman's bizarre Taco Bell tale goes viral
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A woman’s bizarre tale of the “worst first date ever” which ended with her being tricked into buying 100 tacos for a man and escaping with 94 of them has gone viral on social media.

Elyse Myers, who has 200,000 followers on TikTok, shared in detail what it was like to be on a date which went horribly wrong — to the extent that she felt she was “going to be killed.”

“What’s the worst first date I’ve ever been on? I’m so glad you asked,” Ms Meyers (@elysemyers) said at the beginning of her viral video, viewed more than 13 million times.

“Before I met my smoke show of a husband, I was on dating apps,” she continued. “This man messages me out of the blue and goes ‘I like your face, let’s go get some food.’”

Ms Myers agreed but things quickly went downhill after her date asked her to drive to his house and then go to the restaurant.

“I drove 45 minutes to his house. He’s standing outside of that. He walks up to my car and he goes, ‘I’ve lost my keys. Can you drive us there?’ Should I have just left him right there and gone home? Yes. Did I? Absolutely not,” she said.

The TikToker agreed she should have spotted the red flags by that time but she drove the two of them to a Taco Bell outlet as he gave her turn-by-turn direction.

“We end up at a Taco Bell which is fine. I’m like ‘Dine in or drive-through?’ He says drive-through. Great, he has a plan. He then leans over and says ‘I would like 100 tacos, thank you’,” she said.

“We get to the window and he starts patting his body and I was like ‘Did you forget your wallet?’”

He has indeed forgotten his wallet and Ms Myers ended up paying $149 for the 100 tacos she did not even want.

“I buy the 100 tacos and I asked him where do we go now? and he said ‘Back to my house.’ Ok, this is happening. I’m committed to this now, it’s happening,” she said.

But her nightmarish date did not end there. The two ate in silence and soon his father joined them.

“I am just calmly unwrapping my taco and taking a bite of it. We are eating hard shell tacos in complete silence. You can hear both of us chewing, it’s chaos,” she narrates.

“The dad walks up, grabs a taco – there’s 100, so many to spare – he’s eating over us, like standing. Crunches with a mouthful and asked me if I wanted to see his studio.”

It was at that point, Ms Myers thought it was best she call it a day “or else I was going to be killed, 100 per cent.”

“I walk out with boxes of tacos in my purse, I look back and was, like. ‘Thank you for this experience. You will never hear from me again.’”

Ms Myers received overwhelming response from her followers who ask her numerous questions, forcing her to create two follow-up Q&As about the taco bell date.

She said in one of the videos that she carried 94 tacos by herself to the car while almost escaping from the house.

The video also invited a response from Tinder which quipped saying: “As @tinder I’ve heard A LOT of bad dating stories but as of 10/7/2021 this one is top 10.”

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