Talk Choice: Atom Egoyan and John Maybury

Dominic Cavendish
Tuesday 02 June 1998 23:02

Atom Egoyan and John Maybury, ICA, London SW1 (0171-930 3647) 7.30pm

A real one-off: two highly experimental and erudite film-makers who have recently been accorded major recognition are taking part in a discussion with David Sinclair, the ICA's director of cinema, about the relationship between painting and film. Cairo-born, Canadian-raised and of Armenian descent, Atom Egoyan has produced consistently innovative work since 1984's Next of Kin. He is probably best known for The Adjuster (1991), Exotica (1994) and last year's Academy Award-nominated The Sweet Hereafter - keyhole surgery-like examinations of the intimate structures that bind together families, lovers and small communities. He is currently directing the first full-scale opera by Gavin Bryars to be staged in the UK, Dr Ox's Experiment, which is based on a short story by Jules Verne and opens at the ENO on 15 June. Derek Jarman protege John Maybury is director of Love is the Devil, the controversial Francis Bacon biopic starring Derek Jacobi. Cancel all other appointments.

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