(Instagram @terriemcevoy)
(Instagram @terriemcevoy)

Social media blogger admits to rigging 2015 Instagram giveaways to award her friends

'I've learned, I've apologised, I've cried my tears'

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Wednesday 24 January 2018 16:34

An Irish blogger has apologised on social media for rigging a competition she held - so her friends could win the prizes.

Terrie McEvoy, who boasts an impressive following of over 116,000 followers on Instagram, admitted to the allegations, which date back to 2015 - but wants her followers to know that her “heart was in the right place.”

Originally discovered by an Instagram account which has since been deleted, the account unearthed two Instagram competitions McEvoy ran in 2015 - on behalf of a jewellery company, Tower Jewellers - in which McEvoy hand-picked her best friend and her brother’s girlfriend as the two winners.

In addition to admitting to rigging the giveaways so she could give her two friends the prize bracelets, McEvoy also elaborated on the claims - and why she decided to choose her friends.

Captioning an Instagram post showing her petting a baby Kangaroo, the popular blogger wrote: “Sometimes you just need to take a little step back from the madness… cuddle a kangaroo and then move forward.”

She continued: “I just wanted to say something small before I put this to bed - I picked my brother's girlfriend and a close friend at the time to win a competition for a bracelet in 2015

“Approx 100 people entered each one… I think I knew about 30 of the people that entered at the time… I had a small following BUT, I know that’s not an excuse

“I 100% should have picked somebody I didn’t know and I appreciate why people were so angry, I TOTALLY understand... But I just want people to know that at the time I had my reasons to pick these two particular girls and my heart was in the right place…”

The blogger then describes the tears she has cried, but insists the past is the past - before revealing that she will be taking a break from social media so she can continue “to keep focusing on me.”

The post has received more than 7,000 comments - with many commenters defending McEvoy’s decision and leaving words of encouragement.

One person wrote: “Three years ago seriously people need to get over it now.”

Another said: “Poor girl. Everyone makes mistakes, don’t let it bring you down anymore x.”

“Nobody died… It is what it is. We ALL make mistakes,” wrote another fan.

It appears McEvoy’s fans are willing to forgive the blogger for her past mistakes - after she apologised.

However, following the controversy, the social media blogger has deleted her Facebook.

Terrie declined to comment when she spoke with The Independent.

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