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How to work out like Dwayne Johnson

The movie star works out five or six times a week

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Thursday 09 August 2018 18:30 BST
The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, working out in Instagram post

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just declared on Instagram he is in the “best shape of his life” - a feat that he’s achieved through hard work, dedication, and countless hours spent in the gym.

According to Johnson, his hard work “slinging iron” began when he was 13, when his family had to move because they could no longer afford rent.

Rather than “crying like a little b**ch,” he began to work on himself - heading to the gym daily.

Now, despite being the second-highest-paid movie star in Hollywood, Johnson has remained down to earth and relatable, qualities that make him happy to share his workouts on YouTube and Instagram so other people can aim towards his impressive physique.

While the workouts may not be possible for everyone, as Johnson conducts his workouts by “grabbing the heaviest sh*t possible,” these are the exercises the Fast and Furious star does to maintain his bulging muscles.

The 46-year-old begins every morning at 4.30am with 30-50 minutes of cardio on the elliptical - before he’s even had breakfast.

At the gym, which he attends five or six times a week, Johnson divides his workouts by body part - legs, back, shoulders, chest, biceps, and triceps, and typically follows a regime of basic weight-lifting.

"My workout is constantly changing and adapting, but for the most part, I do four sets of 12 reps with a 60-90-second rest. I don't play around in the gym. I always aim to be the hardest worker, and I make sure I clang and I bang to the best of my ability,” the actor told

By alternating between free weights, bands, and machines, Johnson focuses on a specific muscle and lifts as heavy as possible.

On shoulder days, his workout includes shoulder presses, dumbbell raises, side lateral raises, and cardio.

For legs, Johnson does various squats and leg presses - all with extremely heavy weights.

Generally, his workouts last an hour and 15 minutes - unless he goes back to the gym for another one at night.

The same format is followed each day until rest day - and then he begins the same cycle over again.

The method is simple but effective - the heavier the weights, the more impressive the results.

As for Johnson’s motivation to constantly push himself to be the best he can be, he told his Instagram followers that his motivation comes from gratitude for what he has and hunger.

“No one is going to be hungrier than I am,” he said.

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