This week's top Foursquare brands: no change but Bastard Jeans fails to find friends

Wednesday 29 December 2010 01:00

No changes in position from last week's chart for the top ten Foursquare brands, but seventh placed Bastard Jeans is failing to attract friends at the same rate as tenth-placed Gossip Girl.

While there was no change in this week's Foursquare brand charts, TV show Bravo, currently in second place is gathering slightly more friends (404 per day) than the current leader MTV (396 per day), which could indicate an upcoming change in rankings.

Bastard Jeans is the only brand on the top ten not attracting over 100 friends per day; on December 28 the brand gained only 34 new friends and as of 10:30 am GMT on December 29 the jeans brand has attracted a mere one new friend. In comparison, tenth place brand Gossip Girl attracted 247 friends on December 28 and 30 new friends over the same period on December 29.

Location based check-in service Foursquare links with users' Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing Foursquare users to see where their friends are and what they are doing. Users can also check in to areas to inform friends of their location and add new locations to Foursquare.

As of Wednesday, December 29, the ten biggest Foursquare brands in terms of "friends" according to* were:

1. MTV (show) 105,490 friends no change
2. Bravo (TV show) 105,376 friends no change
3. History (TV show) 95,067 friends no change
4. Zagat Survey (media) 93,946 friends no change
5. VH1 (media) 71,954 friends no change
6. Bon Appétit Magazine (media) 62,787 friends no change
7. Bastard Jeans (retail) 61,628 friends no change
8. TLC (TV show) 58,439 friends no change
9. Wall Street Journal (news /business) 55,334 friends no change
10. Gossip Girl (TV show) 55,001 friends no change

* provides daily rankings of brand's Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare fans, friends and followers.

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