Bodycam footage sheds new light on Tiffany Gomas’ viral airplane meltdown

Officers told marketing executive that they were ‘trying to help’

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Thursday 17 August 2023 21:42 BST
Bodycam footage captures Tiffany Gomas meltdown

Marketing executive Tiffany Gomas’ tirade after claiming to see a passenger who was “not real” while aboard an American Airlines flight in Dallas recently went viral on social media. Now, new bodycam footage has added an additional dimension to the situation.

The footage shows the aftermath as Gomas, 38, stormed off the American Airline jet and called the staff “f***ing delusional” as she crossed the jet bridge, continuing her concerning rant. Two airline employees then called after, asking for her to come back so that they could check her ID.

As officers followed Gomas, the now-infamous marketing executive responded with vitriol and called them “f***ing d*****bags”. Footage shows that Gomas, who was allegedly on the phone with her mother, could be heard saying that the two officers were following and “recording her.”

Bodycam footage shows that Gomas’ mother can be heard soothing her daughter, telling her to “calm down” before Gomas doubled down on her viral claims: “You know me, Mom, that plane is going down.”

The two officers told Gomas that they were “trying to help” as they continued to escort her from Dallas Airport’s airside area for passengers to board. She proceeded to say that she “wants to get the f*** outta here” before calling the officers “motherf*****s” for asking for her boarding pass. But things took a turn when Gomas began to claim the flight won’t “make it to Orlando” and that the “flight will f***ing blow up”.

In the original airline meltdown, the marketing executive was heard in distress, saying: “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off, and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off, and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it.”

She appeared to believe that there was an invisible passenger aboard the plane. Passengers were confused as to who Gomas was referring to as she marched to the front of the plane on July 2 and proclaimed that she was going to leave just as the plane was about to disembark.

Gomas has since spoken to the DailyMail, calling the incident her “very worst moment”.

“First and foremost, I want to take full accountability for my actions,” she told the DailyMail. “They were completely unacceptable. Distressed or not, I should have been in control of my emotions, and that was not the case. My use of profanity was completely unnecessary and I want to apologise to everyone who was on that plane, especially those who had children aboard.”

She sympathised with parents onboard, saying, “Going through that and trying to explain to your kid what in the world just happened.”

The owner of Uppercut Marketing stated that she will be pursuing legal action after being relentlessly harassed by individuals “staking out” her house and neighbours, as well as “going through [her] mail”. She did not specify who she was referring to.

Since the meltdown went viral, the marketing executive has gained more than 100,000 followers on Twitter and over 75,000 Instagram followers. She has taken this newfound notoriety as an opportunity to publicly rebrand herself.

As she weathers the attention, she has noted that the memes about her meltdown equal parts “amusing” and “cruel.” But Gomas is eager to capitalise on her internet fame and media attention, writing on Twitter: “This experience has been life-altering and I hope to do good from it and promote positive mental health. Stay tuned!”

The Independent has contacted Gomas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Department of Public Safety office for comment.

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