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Father sends sweet message to trampoline park teens in viral video

‘This is the kind of people we need to be raising more of,’ father says

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Wednesday 24 April 2024 23:36 BST
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A father sent a sweet message on TikTok to two teenagers who made sure to include another child at a trampoline park in Billings, Montana.

One day as the father, Josh (@thebeardedbard), had been supervising five other children – including three of his own and two children of a friend – playing together at Get Air Trampoline Park, he lost track of his son. When Josh had landed his eyes on him after a few minutes, he noticed that two teenage boys decided to play with him.

“I noticed the boys playing with him probably a few minutes after they began,” Josh explained to People.

“They stayed with him ... for probably 45 minutes,” Josh explained to viewers in the viral video. “And every time they did all the jumping with him, they made sure to catch him if he was going to fall. They were right on top of it.”

He continued, “They had the best time. They were cracking up the whole time, and helping him bounce higher. At one point, I think they were trying to help him flip. It was amazing.”

He praised the teenagers for setting a good example for his son, demonstrating how simple acts of kindness like being inclusive to others can go a long way. He noted that their kindness gave him hope for the next generation.

“Those boys did not have to entertain my kid at all. That’s my job to entertain my kid,” he added. “This is the kind of people we need to be raising more of.”

Since Josh’s video went viral, one of the teenagers he spotlighted took to the comment section to express his gratitude, writing: “Thank you, it was a very fun time!”

“That’s my son!!!!!” the teenager’s mother put in her two cents, noting that the way he treats others with kindness and compassion “makes me so proud.”

People in the comment section were quick to remark on how the sweet moment warmed their hearts. Many noted that the teenagers in the video had been “raised well.”

“Not only did they care enough to jump with him,” one person wrote. “They care enough to make sure he was safe and not just mess around with him.”

Another added, “We don’t always give enough young people enough credit for their attempts to be part of the community around them. Thanks for this.”

“This is why I love Gen Z,” someone else commented. “They are GENUINELY the kindest, most accepting human beings who will do good for the sake of doing good and it is so cool.”

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