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Parents admit to accidentally switching their set of identical twins at birth

Mother admitted that her identical twins may have been switched at birth

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Wednesday 17 April 2024 20:03 BST
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A mother has admitted that she and her husband may have accidentally switched their set of identical twins at birth.

In a viral video on TikTok, mother Nicole Giamundo revealed that she and her husband, Jordon Smith, may have mixed up the twins at birth. Responding to a video that asked how parents of identical twins could tell if they mixed their children up, Giamundo said, “Hi, yep. Did that ... at least we think.”

“I had just had an emergency C-section, and it seemed like everyone in town went into labour that night,” Giamundo explained to Today. “So it was a long night.”

Mother reveals she isn’t sure whether the twins have been accidentally switched
Mother reveals she isn’t sure whether the twins have been accidentally switched (Getty Images)

She gave birth to identical twin girls - Adalynn and Nora - who were safely placed in separate bassinets. Although they were sure to place them back in the correct bassinets after they picked them up, at one point, they both were holding the babies and couldn’t remember which baby they had picked up.

“‘Who do you have?’ And he’s like: ‘I don’t know. Who do you have?’” she recalled asking Smith. “And then we kind of just stood there for a second.” Exhausted and overwhelmed, the parents thought: “‘Did we mix them up? Did we not mix them up? Do we put them back? What do we do?’”

The pair ended up unswaddling the babies to check their hospital bracelets before putting them back in the correct bassinet. However, to this day, they’re unsure whether they made the right decision.

The video - which has since garnered 7.2 million views – included one of the twins’ “hilarious” reactions to the news. Nora, now 10 years old, had overheard Giamundo recording the video, and the mother felt like she and Smith should be honest with the girls. Giamundo recorded a segment of the video, explaining to Nora that she may have been switched at birth.

“We never really said anything about mixing them up or anything like that to them,” Giamundo said.

In the video, Giamundo admitted to Nora: “We were tired and picked you guys up and didn’t remember which bassinet we got you out of. So you may very well have been Adalynn at one point and now you’re Nora.”

“Thank God,” Nora hilariously responded. “I didn’t wanna be named Addie.”

When Giamundo explained the same news to Adalynn, she had the same reaction, saying: “I don’t like that. I don’t want my name to be Nora.”

To which Giamundo asked Adalynn what she would do if she was actually Nora. Adalynn joked: “I would scream bloody murder.”

Giamundo and Smith hadn’t been dating long when they found out they had not just one but two babies on the way. At the time, they were trying to make a long-distance relationship work. By the time the twins arrived, they were living together, prepared for their growing family.

Nowadays, the now-married pair dote on their twin girls, marvelling at how raising the two has been an adventure in itself. Despite looking identical, the girls couldn’t be more different personality-wise. While Adalynn has a talent for art, Nora relishes driving their Bandolero car for the family’s racing team. They also still dress in the colours their parents dressed them to tell them apart - Adalynn wears purple, while Nora gravitates toward pink.

When asked about the girls’ response to the news of a potential switcheroo, Giamundo said: “They love who they are and they don’t wish to be anybody else. It made me feel really good that regardless of what potentially could have happened, they are happy with who they are now.”

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