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From dating for the plot to entering ‘delulu’ era: Tinder’s top online dating trends of 2023

Tinder’s Year in Swipe is here! Find out what the most popluar dating trends were in 2023

Amelia Neath
Thursday 07 December 2023 14:12 GMT
Tinder Launches Matchmaker Feature

Tinder has released its annual “Year in Swipe” – revealing the most popular dating trends for 2023, as well as some useful tips for singletons for the coming year.

Based on the data collected from users on the app, singles looking for love (or just a good time) took the reigns this year, deciding that “main character energy” was what they needed to bring to have a successful dating life in 2023.

Tinder noted that people were 5.5 times more likely to use statements in their biography such as “Everything I do is for the plot” this year – taking the pressure off finding their perfect match and just going along for the ride.

Instead of looking for The One, users were also focused on finding others who were N.A.T.O – no, not the intergovernmental military alliance, but rather Not Attached To an Outcome.

In light of this new, carefree energy, Tinder users also harnessed the power of “delulu as the solulu”.

Delulu, slang for delusional, was used 58 times more in biographies in September, highlighting a rise in awareness that this is the individual’s world and everyone else is just living in it (see Sabrina Bahsoon aka Tube Girl, who went viral for dancing by herself, having a great time on the tube while other commuters awkwardly sat in silence).

Being delulu was the solulu for many daters on Tinder this year

Melissa Hobley, chief marketing officer at Tinder, said in a news release that the dating app saw a major shift in how it was being used this year, finding that the “journey is more important than the outcome” for users.

She added that 69 per cent of Generation Z users were found to be challenging conventional dating and relationship norms, “freeing themselves from traditional expectations”.

The data also revealed that a good bio was just as important in the dating game as the best selfie.

The top emoji used was 🔛 – common amongst young singles to let their potential matches know they are up for an adventure.

Other emojis were also popularly used to symbolise certain personality traits – such as 📿 to show someone is zen or down-to-earth, and 🩹to let fellow swipers know they are on a healing journey (possibly recovering after a crazy break-up) and were re-entering the dating scene.

The “Year in Swipe” also revealed the top trending interests on Tinder, surprisingly finding the number one interest to be “horror movies”.

It appears that singletons trapped in a previous long-distance Covid relationship or who had a few dry spells during quarantine are clearly no match for a few scary movies now people are free to meet up with who they like. Besides, what better way to bond on a first date than screaming at The Exorcist?

Otaku was the most attractive interest this year

More wholesome top trends also included hip-hop, tennis, voguing and walking the dog.

However, horror movie-watching was not the hottest trend on the app, as Okatu was deemed as the most attractive interest.

Okatu, Japanese for obsessive fans of anime or manga, has found its home on the app as many like-minded anime fanatics have found each other on the platform.

Other top attractive interests were cheerleading, pilates and being an LGBTQ+ ally, along with a surprising entry at number four with biryani.

Tinder’s “Year in Swipe” also revealed which parts of the world are best at using the app.

Fed up of getting ghosted by people, wondering why they bothered swiping right in the first place? Then, Denmark may be your next holiday destination as it was crowned as the country that ghosts the least.

Bored of playing the “wait-to-reply-so-I-don’t-seem-desperate” game? Korea is the place to go for the fastest messages back.

Other trends revealed in the “Year in Swipe” included the Relationship Goals status being the most popular widget on profiles and Taylor Swift being (unsurprisingly) the most popular artist.

Many platforms do their own yearly wrap-ups, like BeReal Recaps or the infamous Spotify Wrapped, but Tinder hopped on the data train to give their singles a chance to use the information to upgrade their own dating game for the next year.

So while a new year will bring new dating trends, for now, the perfect match around the world appears to be an adventurous, delulu, anime-loving Swiftie who loves dogs, eats biryani and splits their time between Denmark and Korea.

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