Today's pick

Wednesday 21 September 2011 21:17

Lexx: the Dark Zone Stories (11.45pm C5) A wacky German- Canadian sci-fi import for people who find Babylon 5 too cerebral. Using ambitious but cheap-looking computer animation the back-story is a superficially complicated, but fundamentally Miltonian, tale of two parallel universes - the Light Zone and Dark Zone - a Satanic geezer in a pervy rubber coat called His Divine Shadow, and a Spartacus-like saviour played by Barry Bostwick. The imagery comes directly through Metropolis, Brazil, David Lynch and the Alien movies, if that doesn't make things sound too high-minded. In fact, it's extremely gory, not a little nasty and rather fun.

War Walks (8pm BBC2) Of all the battles in this series, The Battle of the Boyne of 1690 still lives on most vividly in some contemporary minds. Not that William of Orange - a short, stooped, asthmatic Dutchman - had any interest in Ireland per se, but a by-product of his victory over his very Catholic father-in-law, James II, did prevent the Protestants being turfed out of Ulster. History would have been very different had the Jacobite gunner succeeded in killing King Billy instead of just grazing his shoulder before the Boyne even began.

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