A UK company is offering the opportunity to travel the world trying vegan food (Stock)
A UK company is offering the opportunity to travel the world trying vegan food (Stock)

Job advertisement offering £50k to someone to travel the world and eat vegan food

All travel, accommodation, and food expenses will be covered 

Chelsea Ritschel
Wednesday 27 March 2019 16:22

If you’ve always dreamed of a job that involves travelling the world and tasting delicacies from foreign shores, you might just be in luck.

UK-based company Vibrant Vegan Co is advertising a job opening for “Director of Taste," which involves discovering and taste-testing plant-based foods in a range of destinations including India, China, Turkey, Chile, Mexico and Japan, and providing feedback.

Vibrant Vegan Co is a social enterprise and plant-based food subscription service that works closely with children’s charity War Child to tackle child hunger in war zones around the world.

During a trip, which can last up to four months at a time, all expenses will be covered - including travel, accommodation and food, meaning you would be able to eat as much vegan food as you like.

What's more, the job also comes with an annual salary of £50,000 ($66,000), full sick pay, and 28 days of holiday.

In addition to trying various foods and ingredients in the hopes of expanding the company's vegan offerings in the UK, the candidate will also be expected to help set up overseas partnerships to source the new ingredients, so some networking abilities are required.

The lucky candidate must also have a background of at least three years in the food industry, either as a chef or in another food-related role.

To be chosen for the role, applicants must be flexible and able to work up to 35 hours a week, as well as undergo a "rigorous interview process, full background check, and in-house taste test to see if their palette is ‘up to scratch’”.

According to founder Iain Burke-Hamilton, the company is on the hunt for new talent - and new flavours.

"I don’t think we’ve ever recruited for a job this exciting before," Burke-Hamilton said. "This is a very unique and rewarding job but despite its extensive perks we acknowledge that it’s also very demanding.

“There are hundreds of ingredients and recipes across the world that haven’t been presented to the UK consumer, so we hope our new recruit will be able to inspire some new and tasty recipes for our vegan ready meal offering.”

Vibrant Vegan Co currently has 18 sustainable plant-based meals aimed at socially-conscious consumers and hopes the prospective employee will expand that offering.

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