T-shirts for airheads

Cayte Williams discovers the plus side of inflation

Cayte Williams
Sunday 23 October 2011 06:51

Like all good things, Collaboration is the result of a drunken evening. Inflate, the award-winning product designers, have teamed up with fashion company Born Free to create a range of inflatable T-shirts. "We mentioned the idea of setting up a joint label in an alcoholic stupor last summer," says Sophie Alderson from Born Free.

Inflate are famous for their blow-up household objects and won the Blueprint Design Award in 1996. Nick Crosby, one of the company's founders, explains why they've expanded into clothes. "We like the idea of people actually wearing our work rather than keeping it at home. We want to reach people who come to London just to buy clothes and we want to do sweatshirts next."

The designs are a healthy mix of bravado and wit. Boob Job (above right) is an extrovert's dream, with inflatable breasts moulded on to T-shirts. Other designs include a functioning plastic vase (right), 007 "bullet holes" and a fold-away "Pak-a-Tee" which will be every post-modern Anorak's dream.

Collaboration T-shirts cost pounds 45 and are available from Browns Focus, 38 South Molton Street, London W1. Call 0171 839 4757 for mail order details.

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