Uber will soon block passengers whose ratings drop below four stars

Behaving properly in an Uber could make a massive difference to your rating 

Sabrina Barr
Wednesday 05 September 2018 12:55 BST

Reaching that elusive five-star rating on Uber is a top priority shared by many people in today’s digital day and age.

One could say that it’s on par with raking in a personal best of Instagram likes and being awarded a prized blue verified tick on Twitter.

Falling below four stars on the app may not only hurt your pride, but could also now prevent you from using Uber at all in future, due to new community guidelines being introduced by the company.

The newly updated community guidelines have been introduced in Australia and New Zealand.

It's outlined that as of September 19 this year, people using the app in both countries could risk being blocked from the driving service if they fall below a certain score.

Amanda Gilmore, Uber’s New Zealand country manager, explains that these changes have been introduced following feedback that the company has received from its drivers.

“The announcement is explaining changes we’re making, and explaining how riders can lose access to the Uber app for consistently low ratings,” Ms Gilmore says, according to Radio New Zealand.

“This change is really about setting good standards of behaviour, and creating a mutual level of respect between drivers and riders.”

The new guidelines state that riders with a rating of four stars or below could see their access to the app revoked after receiving several warning notifications.

This rule is already used in the US but hasn't been implemented yet in the UK.

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“The types of things riders can do to make sure that they get five stars are making sure you’re dropping the pin in the right location for your pick up, doing things like not making a mess in a driver’s car, not bringing food and drink in there, not slamming the doors,” Ms Gilmore says.

“Generally, if you think about it, a driver’s car is their workplace, so we’re asking people to be respectful and courteous to that workplace.”

Here are some more tips from Uber on how to ensure that your rating doesn’t suffer:

Don’t damage the car

Causing damage to the vehicle, such as by spilling food or vomiting, can have a huge impact on your overall rating.

Furthermore, you could be charged a cleaning fee if you make a mess.

Be friendly

A few niceties can go a very long way when going for an Uber ride.

Simply asking your driver how their day is going and being polite when you make requests, such as asking to turn the radio on or open the window, can make a big difference.

Be punctual

When you use Uber, you’re able to see exactly when your car is due to arrive at your destination.

Therefore, there should be no excuse for arriving late.

Don’t take liberties with the law

If an Uber car seats five people in total, then it’s not acceptable to expect your driver to accommodate for a group of seven.

Not only is it dangerous to overpack a car, but it’s also illegal.

You should also make sure that you take appropriate safety measures such as wearing your seatbelt in the car.

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