From the seventies to indoor plants: UK's latest interior design trends revealed

Olivia Blair
Thursday 18 May 2017 15:02 BST
Winner of the 'best lounge look' at the Pinterest interiors awards
Winner of the 'best lounge look' at the Pinterest interiors awards

The seventies, outside furniture indoors and eco-friendly kitchens are the fashion-forward trends in UK homes across the country, according to Pinterest.

The winners of the Best of Pinterest UK Interior Awards were announced on Tuesday and provided an insight into the way the most Instagram worthy interiors are looking around the UK.

Among the winners were the London home of the florist Nikki Tibbles for the best use of colour and a vintage velvet sofa for the Best Interiors Lust-Have award.

After evaluating all the winners, the judges selected a common string of themes which Pinterest browsers consistently rate:

  • The Seventies: Homes are apparently paying homage to the decade of David Bowie and Queen through bold colours and textures. Peacock chairs are up 156 per cent, shag rugs up 87 per cent and vinyl players up 56 per cent. A Pinterest spokesperson told The Independent that this trend could signal "a mix of nostalgia and tapping into a time when people are perceived to have cared deeply about the issues of the day - essentially an on point nod to the resurgance of activism as well as the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love".

Winner of the 'best lounge look' at the Pinterest interiors awards
  • Bringing outdoors indoors: Outdoor plants are now indoors apparently with a 67 per cent rise of shower plants in the bathrooms.
  • Shapes and sizes: Brits want to bring hexagons and circles into their homes throughout all rooms.
  • Eco-friendly: DIY furniture has risen by 19 per cent and Plywood kitchens up by 182 per cent.
  • An array of colours: No longer is a home running with just one colour theme. According to the winners, printed watercolour paper has risen almost 250 per cent and navy bedrooms are up 182 per cent. 
  • Minimalism: This trend is less of a surprise given the penchants of millennials for Ikea. The influence of Marie Kondo is strong with simple styling evident throughout most homes.

The social media company also looked at global trends concluding similar findings. The main changes come in the form of storage. People are now turning to solutions outside of their bedrooms such as living room trunks. Additionally people are swapping, or compensating for, wardrobes instead using rails and stands. The researchers also suggested people are now using “accessories as décor” by not hiding away their hats and scarves but leaving them around the bedroom.


Finally, people are paying more attention to first impressions, taking care to ensure their doorways are top notch.

Reflecting on the trends, a Pinterest spokesperson told The Independent the results show how adventurous people are being with home decor.

"The results highlight how people are being adventurous with their home decor tastes and are not only interested in bold, new ideas, they're primed and excited to embrace them.

"Interestingly, we're seeing a lot of trends that point to people being eager to take on the 'don't move, improve' mentality of finding new ways to organise their home with a quirky combination of creativity and practicality.

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