Woman with ‘vegan’ face tattoo astounds the internet

Kate Alice took her commitment to veganism to the extreme

Sabrina Barr
Sunday 28 January 2018 13:29 GMT
Kate Alice
Kate Alice

A woman who had the word ‘vegan’ tattooed on her face has shocked the internet.

Kate Alice is a passionate vegan from Preston.

She recently decided to take her dedication to veganism to the next level by having the word ‘vegan’ tattooed on her face.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, she wrote: “Got a suicide awareness and vegan tattoo today, love em.”

Another Twitter user shared a tweet with photos of Alice taken on Snapchat before and after having the tattoo done, with the caption: “Now I don’t need to tell everyone I’m vegan every five minutes.”

A face tattoo definitely makes a bold statement and Alice has received a huge response to the tattoo with very mixed opinions.

However, despite the backlash that Alice has had to face, she doesn’t regret her decision whatsoever.

“A lot of tattoos that people get don't necessarily have a meaning behind them but as I'm incredibly passionate about veganism and know that I'll be vegan for life, I wanted this one to be someplace visible,” she told The Independent.

"I've had a lot of comments about being 'unemployable', which doesn't matter to me since I've been self-employed since I was 18. Besides it's easy to cover with make-up and a fringe.

"Of course the tattoo on my face received a lot of negative reactions in general, not because of the location of the tattoo but because people seem to get upset when they see the word 'vegan', which is something that I have grown used to on a daily basis."

Alice also explained her motivation for going vegan.

"I primarily went vegan a few years ago because of empathy for animals, but I'm still learning every day about the negative impacts of animal-based products," she said.

"I sometimes watch Netflix and YouTube documentaries and there are many on those platforms now which have helped to educate me further on the links between animal products and topics such as climate change, world hunger, water shortages and the many illnesses in humans."

Alice isn’t the only one who’s received criticism in reaction to her tattoo.

Her tattoo artist, Jordan McCrea, felt so attacked on Facebook that she removed a photo of Alice’s tattoo and wrote a post in defence of it.

“Who is anyone to take the piss out of what someone chooses to eat, never mind their reasons or what they do to show they’re proud of it,” she wrote.

“Although I am not vegan and will most likely never be one, I really respect her for fighting for what she believes in and being proud to show it off, without ONCE pushing/trying to ‘convert’ me the way everyone seems to thing [sic] vegans do.

“She respected me and I showed her the same respect by doing the tattoo she really wanted and had done for a while, and making sure the whole process was vegan friendly, and listening to her talking about it."

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