Victoria's Secret models' personal trainer shares six at-home exercises to get fit

The workouts are created to achieve an athletic and strong physique

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Thursday 08 November 2018 19:44

The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is happening on Thursday in New York City, where models will be walking the runway looking effortless while carrying up to 60lbs worth of wings.

While genetics plays a large part - and the event itself has been criticised for its lack of body diversity - the models themselves are in peak physical condition and go through rigorous physical training to be ready for the show.

For some of the models, training like an angel means working with personal trainer Luke Worthington - who recently shared six Victoria’s Secret-approved exercises you can do at home, perhaps even while watching the show on December 2.

According to Worthington, who spoke to The Sun, all of the exercises target the lower body and abdominals to achieve an “athletic physique” - and they can be done in your living room.

Goblet Squat

The first exercise is a variation on a regular squat that incorporates weights as well. To do a goblet squat, you simply stand with feet hip-width apart and squat down to the floor while holding the weight in front of your chest.

To get the most out of the exercise, Worthington recommends doing four sets of six to eight reps, with two minutes in between.

Hip Thrust

This exercise, also called “The Bum Builder,” can be done in your home as long as you have a low bench.

To get into position, you should sit on the ground and rest your shoulder blades on the bench. From there, you raise your bottom so it makes a straight line from your shoulders to knees.

The angels train for months before a show (Getty)

To make the position even more effective, you can hold a weight across your thighs - and keep feet grounded.

Worthington recommends doing three sets of 12 reps - which you will feel in your bum and the backs of the legs.

Reverse Lunge

This position, which works “single leg muscle development” and helps with balance, according to Worthington, is easily done at home.

To do a reverse lunge, you hold a weight - or a heavy water bottle - in front of your body to engage your core, and then take a big step backward with one leg.

Your legs should be at right angles if done properly - which you’ll feel in the butt and leg muscles.

All the lunges should be done on one side before switching to the other - and Worthington recommends doing three sets of 12 reps.

Swiss ball leg curl

According to Worthington, if there is one piece of gym equipment you should purchase for your home it should be a swiss ball - as they are inexpensive and useful for a variety of exercises.

To do swiss ball leg curls, you lie on the floor with your legs straight and your heels placed on the ball.

The wings can weigh up to 60lbs (Getty)

From that position, you use your legs to bring the ball towards you, raising your hips and bending your knees as you do so.

This move is especially difficult and will focus on engaging the ab muscles. To make it even harder, but more home-friendly, it can be done without the ball by using two tea towels placed on the floor.

Do three sets of 15 reps - and don’t rest in between.

Frog pump

For this exercise, which works the glutes, you lie on your back on the floor and bring your feet together in a diamond shape.

From there, keep your knees far out as you lift and lower your hips repeatedly - and quickly.

You should do two sets of 30 reps to get the best results.

Core stabilisation exercise

The final exercise uses the Swiss ball to target the core muscles.

You start on your knees, with your arms resting on the ball and hands clasped.

From there, engage your stomach muscles to roll the ball forward into a plank position - and then roll back up.

Victoria's Secret Show 2014

You should do three sets of eight reps.

The exercises, according to Worthington, should be done twice or three times a week - and the results will leave you feeling sore but strong.

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