Boy leaves ‘does it matter?’ note on scales for mum who weighs herself every day

'I really needed this today and maybe you do too'

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Friday 07 June 2019 10:39
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A 12-year-old boy left his mother a heartwarming note on her scales to remind her than she is not defined by her weight.

Kelly McCarron, from Perth, Australia, has been trying to improve her health since the New Year by changing her diet and exercising more.

However, in her bid to lose weight, McCarron found herself stepping on the scales more than she probably should.

The mother-of-two’s behaviour didn’t go unnoticed by her son, Jack, who, after spotting his parent was weighing herself every day, decided to take action.

McCarron said she noticed that Jack and his sister Ayla, 8, were being “super-helpful” around the house one day, which she found strange as they had never been so pro-active with chores before.

The following day, McCarron spotted a piece of paper on the scales that she almost threw in the bin, before noticing words on it.

The note read “does it matter?”, and prompted McCarron to revaluate her preoccupation with assessing her weight.

On reading the note, the mother-of-two told Caters News: “I then realised, it absolutely doesn't – I noticed that I would mainly weigh myself when I am not feeling great about myself."

McCarron said that she has decided to keep the message on the scales to stop herself from stepping on them so much and is instead taking photographs of herself to track her progress.

“Sometimes my daughter steps on and copies me and I tell her immediately to get off and remind her she doesn't need to weigh herself,” McCarron added.

“The note from Jack made me realise, I should take my own advice and stop it also.”

McCarron was so touched by her son's note that she decided to share it on Facebook where it received over 1,100 likes.

“So Jack cleaned and vacuumed my room today (He may be looking for brownie points for a new game) but I just noticed this note on my scales,” McCarron wrote alongside an image of the note.

“I really needed this today and maybe you do too.”

The mother added a series of hashtags to the post including #scalesdonttellyouyouarebeautiful and #lovemyson.

A number of McCarron’s followers commented on the photograph praising Jack for his kind words.

“Amazing!! What a sweetie!” one person wrote on Facebook.

Another added: “What a great son! Truly a product of great parents.”

McCarron said that her son’s note has given her more self-confidence and that she doesn’t need to lose weight to live a healthier lifestyle.

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“There is no need for me to beat myself up and step on the scales daily,” McCarron explained to the publication.

“I shared the picture online because I thought there might be another woman out there who needed to see it."

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