Why are they famous? Jodie Kidd

Saturday 24 October 1998 23:02

Main Claim: Jodie Kidd is extremely thin. Yes, we all know models are slender types, but our heroine is possibly the skinniest supermodel in the world. Indeed, the much discussed focus for "models cause anorexia" outrage, superseding even that former alleged inspiration for the eating disordered, Kate Moss. Now the emaciated one has tottered away from pounds 300,000 worth of work, leaving Italy for her Wiltshire home in search of peace and rest, man, supposedly suffering from exhaustion. "Jodie has decided to take a break. She has never taken a season off, so it is understandable that she wanted to do so now," is her agency's casual comment on the matter. However, fashion houses and friends are said to be stunned.

Appearance: Skull and cheekbones. Ad in back pages of Sunday newspaper for mature orphan seeking home. Giraffe suffering from famine conditions.

Thin End: With her scimitar cheekbones, cat's eyes and swollen upper lip, Jodie, 20, resembles a computer-generated model for the Nineties. In any other era, she might be considered a freak. Photographer Terry O'Neill discovered the gangling baby super in Barbados when she was 15. "Jodie was breathtaking. She looked like Grace Kelly, Kim Basinger and Bardot rolled into one," he said. He introduced her to agent Laraine Ashton, and her career as a superhuman coat hanger took off among raptures, tears and recriminations.

Golden Spoon: After the Sarf London post-Bailey delights of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, along floated models Iris Palmer and Stella Tennant: elongated poshingtons with pedigree breeding beyond just genetic luck in their racehorse limbs. Our heroine is something of a nob herself. The great granddaughter of Lord Beaverbrook, the debby-vowelled six-footer is the daughter of a millionaire former showjumper with homes in Gloucestershire, Barbados and London. Jodie gained one GCSE in art at school at St Michael's, Petworth, but as a horsy girlie she leapt beyond Pony Club triumphs by becoming an international show-jumper at 13. The youngest of three in a family, whose names all smartly begin with "J", Jodie was largely brought up in palatial style in Bermuda.

Model Mate: Jodie has lived with DJ Joel Chinn, son of a Jersey politician, since she was 16. "He looks after me. I go out and get the money and he cooks and washes," she explains.

Fame Prospects: Jodie could continue as a genuine extra-terrestrial clothes horse. However, it's a bit stressful, that supermodel malarkey. Alternatively, she could tune in and drop out with DJ Joel and become mother to a race of catwalk-customised thoroughbred seven-footers. And in a special surprise move, she could put on weight.

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