Woman questions why best friend was upset she announced pregnancy at her wedding

‘You didn’t do anything maliciously,’ one supporter argues

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Thursday 02 May 2024 17:51 BST
Niece's pregnancy reveal takes her uncle on a rollercoaster of emotions

A woman decided to share the news she was pregnant at her best friend and brother’s wedding reception, leaving the bride upset with her for stealing her thunder.

Requesting the opinions of others, the 24-year-old mother-to-be took to Reddit’s confession forum, Am I The A**hole, to question whether her announcement was appropriate or not. The original poster couldn’t figure out why her best friend was so mad, so she asked a mass of anonymous online users their perception.

To preface, the Reddit user said: “I (24F) recently discovered that I’m expecting my first child. My best friend, we’ll call her ‘Laura,’ (23F) and I have shared every significant life moment since we met in college. I got married two years ago to Laura’s brother, and at my wedding Laura announced her engagement to my brother during the reception.”

Laura and her brother told their friends and family about their plans to get married after dinner was served at the Reddit user’s wedding. They went up on stage with the wedding band to make the public declaration.

The Redditor was “thrilled” for them and didn’t care that the news was told during her big day. However, the woman said her best friend had the opposite reaction to the Reddit user’s timing.

On the day of Laura’s wedding, people were picking up on the fact the Redditor wasn’t drinking, quietly guessing she was pregnant.

“It felt like my news was already halfway out there, so after the speeches, I made a toast,” she explained. “I expressed my deep happiness for Laura and my brother, then, feeling the moment was right and following the precedent she had set at my wedding, I shared that I was expecting.”

Her and Laura’s family expressed excitement over the soon-to-be-arrival of the first grandchild. Guests took the time to congratulate the Reddit writer before the celebration returned to the newlyweds.

But, according to the OP [original poster], Laura didn’t entertain the pregnancy praise. Instead, Laura pulled her sister-in-law over to let her know the announcement upset her.

“I thought Laura would be excited, but instead, she seemed upset,” the woman noted. “This reaction stunned me, especially since she had made a similar announcement at my wedding - a moment I had embraced wholeheartedly, sharing in her happiness.”

The Redditor has barely talked to Laura since the reception, not to mention her brother hasn’t reached out either.

She admitted: “Our mutual friends are divided; some think it was a sweet continuation of sharing life’s milestones, while others side with Laura, feeling the timing was inappropriate.”

While the Reddit user’s confidence in her actions was dampened by Laura and her brother’s negative reaction, online readers thought she was justified in telling everyone she was pregnant at that moment.

One viewer noted: “NTA because she announced her engagement at your wedding. (I assume neither of you asked the other’s permission for your announcements).”

“You didn’t do anything maliciously so you are NTA,” another agreed. “She set the tone that personal announcements at weddings were fine when she took the opportunity to announce her engagement at your wedding.”

A blunt user pointed out: “Laura gets to make announcements but not you. Sounds like a Laura I used to know years ago, it was always all about her. LOL NTA.”

“It’s understandable that you thought you were continuing a tradition, but the way that you did it was perhaps inappropriate,” one opposer said. “There is a big difference between confirming what the people around you are guessing, and doing it during a speech for all to hear.”

Another person said: “She shouldn’t have announced at your wedding and you shouldn’t have announced at hers.”

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