Woman responds to unsolicited explicit pictures from man by sending them to his mum

“I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women”

Rachel Hosie
Wednesday 28 June 2017 16:52 BST
(Facebook/Rebecca McGregor)

Many men seem to think that women like receiving photos of their genitalia.

And for the most part, this could not be further from the truth.

Pleasingly then, one woman has come up with a genius way to deal with the men who send unsolicited intimate snaps: send the picture to their mum.

Rebecca McGregor is a lingerie photographer from Aberdeen who is, like many women, sick of being sent unwanted pictures: “Do not ask for/send me nudes,” she wrote in her Instagram bio.

So when one man did recently, McGregor decided to take action.

After someone called Glenn sent her a nude picture on Snapchat, McGregor took a screenshot, found his mother on Facebook, and sent the picture to her.

“I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women,” she wrote.

McGregor uploaded the picture to Facebook, and the post now has over 4,000 reactions, 1,000 comments and 1,000 shares.

It appears that many men seem to think that because McGregor is a lingerie photographer and boudoir model, she is somehow asking to receive images of their genitalia, despite her disclaimer.

After her initial post, McGregor shared two more screenshots showing examples of the type of messages she gets sent:

She explained that she’s on social media to promote her business, not to receive nudes from random men.

“Don’t complain when they get sent to your fam because you didn’t listen to me,” McGregor wrote.

“So the only other option I have left is to have your fam speak to you and educate if not re-educate you that when someone says NO it means NO.”

Not everyone is on board with McGregor’s approach though, with some people saying Glenn’s family don’t deserve this:

“You can't receive a d**k picture and start screaming about ‘rape culture’ just like you can’t go wrecking families’ and people’s reputations over a f***ing picture that we’ve all sent at some point in our lives in an inane attempt to try and get popular and promote your own pictures,” one person wrote.

“And this is coming from someone who’s had their fair share of unwanted pictures, there’s a block button for a reason. Glenn’s mum didn't deserve this, no one deserves this, and the condescending way you spoke to her was quite frankly disgusting.”

But many are supporting McGregor in her move:

“I don’t understand how people don’t get this,” wrote one woman, explaining that she thinks sending a nude is the same as exposing yourself in public and should be considered a sexual offence.

And at the end of the day, blocking someone may not stop them doing it again to someone else - but telling their mum might.

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