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Woman sparks debate with Secret Santa gift she gave to co-worker who ‘doesn’t like her’

TikTok user jokes she gave her co-worker a ‘handmade gift’ for Secret Santa

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Tuesday 19 December 2023 05:53 GMT
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A woman’s Secret Santa gift to a co-worker who doesn’t like her has sparked widespread debate online.

While the purpose of Secret Santa is that you only need to purchase one gift for a specific person, you’re never guaranteed to be the gift-giver for someone you like. Because Secret Santa recipients are chosen at random, there’s a possibility you will buy a present for an individual you don’t know well or get along with at all.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to one TikTok user, who goes by the name Skinny Minny (@skinnyminnyent) on the app. In her 15 December post, she filmed herself revealing the gift she planned to give to her office nemesis. The video has now received more than 10 million views, sparking a discussion about Secret Santa in the workplace.

“POV: Your Secret Santa is a coworker that doesn’t like you. So you give them a handmade gift,” Skinny Minny wrote over the clip. She was dressed in navy blue scrubs and positioned herself in front of the camera with a Christmas-themed gift bag. The TikToker slowly stuck her hand inside the bag to pull out the present she picked for her co-worker. However, the bag was empty and instead of pulling out a tangible object from the bag, she removed her fist and made a punching motion toward the camera - revealing that her “handmade” gift was her actual hand.

“Imma gift these hands,” Skinny Minny confessed.

Many viewers seemed to share the same misfortune when it came to their experiences with the holiday-inspired present swap. Although Secret Santa is intended to lift the burden of spending loads of money on multiple people, TikTok users admitted the idea was more pleasing than the actual results.

“Everyone did Secret Santa at my work and they ‘FORGOT’ mine when we did the exchange. Still haven’t gotten it,” one woman confessed.

Another noted: “My Secret Santa was my med-tech who HATED me, but she still got me a nice knife set for my apartment. Had me so confused lmao.”

“Girl, I got the person I don’t like for Secret Santa,” someone else admitted, while another user added: “Our drumline does a Secret Santa and the guy who got me gave me one of his old hoodies with stains on it.”

Meanwhile, one woman said about her husband: “My hb got someone a super nice gift. His person gave him used products as a ‘joke.’ He came home so sad.”

While Skinny Minny couldn’t physically hit her co-worker, other TikTokers were curious as to what she actually got them for Secret Santa. “Wait, on a serious note what do you get for a co-worker that you don’t really care for?” one viewer asked, to which she responded: “Nothing lol.”

“Girl, I thought you were gonna flick them off,” a fan said, while the original poster replied: “Aww come on. They deserve more than that.”

The Independent has contacted Skinny Minny for comment.

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