Woman shares the infuriating way her husband unloads the groceries

‘I just know there’s like toilet paper in there,” one appalled viewer says

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Wednesday 06 March 2024 17:40 GMT
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One woman has exposed her husband for the way he unloads the groceries.

On 5 March, TikToker @thevillanuevafam_ shared the hilarious organisation strategy her partner implores in the fridge. “Anyone else’s husband put groceries away like this?” she questioned.

The video focused on the inside of the fridge, revealing the shelves packed with grey plastic bags. Each bag was filled with the grocery items, meaning the TikToker’s husband put the bags in the fridge without taking the items out. While this may be fine for some products, others weren’t supposed to be refrigerated.

“He really put powdered tea and salt inside the fridge,” the caption read.

Plastic bags were seen stuffed in all corners of the refrigerator, including the shelves on the inside of the fridge door.

Since being posted, the TikTok video has been viewed almost 630,000 times, gaining over 47,000 likes. Shocked viewers took to the comments, expressing how appalled they were and suggesting ways the wife could get back at her husband for this.

“If he asked what was for dinner I’d tell him to go dig through the bags,” one scheming individual admitted.

A second added: “I’d just show up to divorce court with this video. The judge would be on my side immediately. Unhinged behavior.”

“I just know there’s like toilet paper in there,” a third joked.

One perplexed woman begged: “Please say this is a joke and you don’t actually put up with this.”

Another quipped: “I would be sipping Pepsi out a wine glass as I watched the house burn down after this.”

One eagle-eyed TikToker pointed out how the woman identified as a “stay-at-home mom” in her platform biography. Based on that label, the viewer assumed that meant the video was a joke because she was always meant to organise and store after her husband did this.

“Guys, profile says she is a sahm, he’s not failing to put groceries away, he’s taking the shopping burden off her, her job to separate and store. This is a joke post,” the viewer proclaimed.

In response, one woman noted: “Mmm still a burden.”

The Independent has contacted the original poster for a comment.

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