Golden Globes winner Regina King makes gender equality pledge during acceptance speech

‘I’m making a vow and it’s going to be tough’

Sabrina Barr
Monday 07 January 2019 15:00 GMT
Golden Globes 2019: Regina King pledges gender equality in her future projects

Regina King has vowed to make sure that all of her future projects in the next two years are 50 per cent women.

The actor made her gender equality pledge while accepting her first Golden Globe award for best supporting actress in romantic drama If Beale Street Could Talk.

King began her speech by speaking about why celebrities often use their platforms to speak about important issues, despite the criticism they may receive for doing so.

“So often, everyone out there that hears us on a red carpet and they say celebrities are using the time to talk about ourselves when we are on our soap box and using a moment to talk about the systemic things that are going on in life, time’s up times two,” she said.

At this point, the music started playing to indicate that King should start finishing her speech.

However, the music was promptly halted as she continued speaking.

“The reason why we do this is because we understand that our microphones are big and we’re speaking for everyone,” she said.

“I’m going to use my platform right now to say,” she said, “in the next two years, everything that I produce — I’m making a vow and it’s going to be tough — to make sure that everything that I produce is 50 per cent women.”

King’s promise received rapturous applause from the Golden Globes audience, and standing ovations from stars including Jessica Chastain.

This year’s awards show saw numerous celebrities wear black and white “Time’s Up x2“ bracelets and ribbons in solidarity with the movement.

The decision to wear the symbolic accessory came following last year’s dress code, which involved the majority of the Golden Globes’ attendees wearing all-black ensembles to protest sexual harassment in Hollywood and other industries.

Stars who wore the “Times Up x 2” bracelets and ribbons included co-host Andy Samberg, dual nominee Amy Adams and Luther lead Idris Elba.

Another powerful feminist moment of the night came during Glenn Close’s acceptance speech, which she gave after winning the award for best actress in a motion picture drama for The Wife.

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In her speech, Close tearfully spoke about the importance of women finding personal fulfilment in their lives.

“Women, we’re nurturers, that’s what’s expected of us,” she said.

“We have our children. We have our husbands if we’re lucky enough, and our partners, whoever. But we have to find personal fulfilment!”

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