What is International Women’s Day? Google's animation tells history of feminism

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on 8 March

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Sunday 08 March 2020 11:00
Google honours International Women's Day with animated Doodle

Google is celebrating International Women’s Day with a Google Doodle inspired by the event's history.

The annual event, which falls on 8 March, is a global celebration of the social, economic and political achievements of women and serves to champion women’s rights, female empowerment and gender equality.

On Sunday, Google is celebrating the day with a special animated video designed to represent both the history of the day and the significance it has for women across generations.

The animation, which features a multilayered 3D paper mandala, was illustrated by New York and London-based guest artists Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft from Makerie Studio and animated by Zurich-based guest animators Marion Willam & Daphne Abderhalden from DRASTIK GmbH.

The mandala’s black-and-white central layer reflects women around the world during the late 1800s to the 1930s amidst labour movements, while the second layer depicts women from the 1950s to the 1980s – a landmark era in the wake of gender equality and rapid changes to the status quo.

Finally, the outer layer symbolises women from the 1990s to the present-day, in the context of progress made from over 100 years of women’s rights movements.

“It pays tribute to breaking barriers from former cultural and gender roles, as women continue to question, reclaim, and redefine ideas about the roles women take on in society,” Google says.

“As today’s women stand on the shoulders of those who have fought and made sacrifices in the generations past, they likewise carry the legacy of the movement forward. Here’s to the women across sectors, industries, nations, ages, and cultures, who persist tirelessly to take charge together—paving the way for future generations to come.”

The animated video celebrates the history of International Women's Day (Google)

Speaking of the collaboration, the team at DRASTIK GmbH said that working on the Doodle reminded them of the sacrifices women have made throughout history in the name of equal rights.

“There was so much thought put into each of the 35 characters and how they were placed within the mandala,” they said.

“Starting from the centre, it walks us through different time periods and depicts the issues women were facing in these times. Our biggest takeaway from the artwork is that we were reminded of how women fought and evolved through history so we can live the free life we live today.

Makerie Studio and DRASTIK GmbH collaborated to make the unique mandala animation (Google)

“Without these women, the world would look much different.”

The team from Makerie Studio agreed, adding that they hope the animation gives people hope for the future and an “insight into how far we’ve already come”.

“We drew a lot of inspiration from the history of International Women's Day and its humble roots, showing how the movement has grown exponentially over the years,” they said.

The team from Makerie Studio agreed hope the animation gives people an “insight into how far we’ve already come” (Google)

“We loved the idea of visually representing the number of women involved in each stage, from the Suffragettes to women today, and portraying how their freedoms gradually expanding as the movement has evolved.”

For more information on the ways you can celebrate this International Women’s Day on Sunday 8 March, click here.

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