Nike releases empowering football advert ahead of Fifa Women’s World Cup

'Don’t change your dream. Change the world'

Sabrina Barr
Sunday 02 June 2019 12:47 BST
Nike releases empowering advert in lead-up to FIFA Women's World Cup

Ahead of the Fifa Women's World Cup, Nike has released an advert which features a young girl rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in football.

Makena Cook can be seen standing inside the players' tunnel before a match between the Netherlands and Nigeria.

The budding footballer walks on the pitch with Netherlands midfielder Lieke Martens.

As the other mascots make their way back into the tunnel before kick-off, Martens takes Cook's hand and brings her along for the match, keeping the 10-year-old close by as she dribbles the ball past Nigeria's defenders.

Cook later finds herself in the midst of an intense face-off between England and South Korea, watching on as Fran Kirby gets past Ji So-Yun to go for goal.

Makena Cook nervously waits in the tunnel before making her way onto the football pitch
The budding footballer runs on the pitch as England takes on South Korea

The aspiring footballer is then dragged into a photo shoot with Brazil's Andressa Alves.

The pair pose for the photographer back-to-back, before fiercely biting their football shirts, raising clenched fists and roaring for the camera.

A picture of Cook and Alves then appears on the cover of a football video game, which is announced on the news as being an all-time bestseller.

Cook poses alongside Brazil's Andressa Alves
The 10-year-old steps off a plane with China's Wang Shuang

Cook later steps off a plane with China's Wang Shuang, unable to conceal her awe as crowds of adoring fans cheer for the national midfielder.

In another scene in the short film, former England and Arsenal player Alex Scott is imagined as the first women's coach of Barcelona's men's side.

The advertisement, which ends with the message: "Don't change your dream. Change the world", has been hailed on social media.

"I cried, that was perfect," one person tweeted.

"This is the world I want to live in! Amazing! Breathtaking! Well done!" another wrote.

The Fifa Women's World Cup is taking place this year in France from Friday 7 June until Sunday 7 July.

For all the latest news on the tournament, click here.

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