Sharon Stone says the era of being ‘allowed’ to flirt has passed and she ‘doesn’t really care’ if someone ‘pats me on the rear’

‘I just feel like all of that stuff is such a small victory,’ said the Basic Instinct star

Sophie Gallagher
Saturday 12 September 2020 10:58
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Sharon Stone has opened up about her feelings on modern dating and setting boundaries in a new interview, saying “frankly, I don’t really care if they [people] pat me on the rear”.  

“It was a lot of fun when we were allowed to whistle and flirt, but that era has passed”, she explained in a new interview with The Telegraph.

The Basic Instinct star, who appears in Netflix’s new drama Ratched, explained: “Because sometimes it’s just a small thing – a look or a nod – and sometimes you just have to walk away or laugh. And sometimes you really have to put your foot down.”

The 62-year-old said that perhaps her age has given her a different perspective on the battles worth fighting: “I just feel like all of that stuff is such a small victory.  

“And maybe it’s because I’m 62 and have been through so much that I’m able to sort out what really needs my attention – and what are just things and people that are going to fade away anyway.”

Stone, who has recently shared emotional Instagram posts about how Covid-19 has claimed the lives of her grandmother and godmother and put her sister Kelly in hospital, said that she doesn’t buy into the narrative that looks don’t matter.

“Because it’s a big, fat, stupid lie...and by the way you don’t even realise how much they matter until they start to go,” she said.

Stone, who has been married twice, admitted she has tried dating apps but that they have previously blocked her attempts, believing it to be a fake account.

“Dating sites are just not a successful thing. Because real chemistry, that frisson, that happens in the air – not on a site. And people are becoming less socially adept because of those sites,” she says.

The American actor, who suffered a stroke and bleed on the brain in 2001, also spoke about fellow actor Johnny Depp in the interview.

She said: “I’ve known Johnny from when he was a kid and he’s a terrific guy: sweet and nice and very warm and generous. So I have a feeling it’s more about this young lady.”

On 16 August Stone shared a video titled “vote to live” in which she encouraged her fans to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election in the USA.

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