There’s a crossover between today’s Wordle and Quordle

Warning: Spoilers for Wordle 249 and Quordle 30 ahead

Laura Hampson
Wednesday 23 February 2022 14:44 GMT

If you happened to have guessed the answer for Wordle 249, then you’ll already be a quarter of the way towards guessing one of the four words in today’s Quordle.

For the uninitiated, Quordle basically allows you to do four Wordles at once.

While the Wordle game gives players six attempts at guessing the five-letter daily word, Quordle challenges players to guess four words in nine tries.

With Richard Osman’s approval - the TV personality says he “loves” Quordle - the four-word game is fast becoming a favourite among Wordle fans, who have lamented that the game has become “too hard” since it was acquired by The New York Times at the start of February.

(*Warning: spoilers ahead*)

For any Wordle players who are struggling to complete today’s Quordle, you’re in luck because the Wordle answer of the day is also one of the Quordle words.

The answer for Wordle 249 is “trove”, which caused an uproar among the game’s players this morning, who took to Twitter to complain that there were too many combinations the word could be from the letters it had.

“Trove” is also one of the Quordle words for today. The other three Quordle 30 words are “caper”, “shout” and “beady”.

Some Twitter users have already noticed today’s crossover, with one user writing: “Either there is a really big coincidence or else the Quordle people played Wordle today.”

Another user tweeted: “I’m a LITTLE suspicious that both #wordle and #quordle have the exact same word as an answer. And the word is NOT a common one.”

A third said: “What is going on?? Today’s #Wordle and #quordle worlds collide!”

Other users took the opportunity to post the meme of Spider-Man looking at himself and pointing, with the caption: “Wordle and Quordle today”.

Another user said the fact that Wordle and Quordle had the same word made them feel like they were “going f***ing crazy”.

Others are enjoying the four-word game, with one user writing: “So it turns out Wordle was just a gateway drug for Quordle.”

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