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Here are all the best alternative games to Wordle, from Quordle to Crosswordle

These games have a similar format to Wordle but with a twist

Amber Raiken
New York
Saturday 26 November 2022 18:44 GMT
The Best Wordle Start Words

Although Wordle has remained quite popular the last few months, players can only participate in this board game once a day, resulting in the rise of new Wordle alternative games.

The word game was first launched in October 2021, before becoming an overnight sensation in January of this year. One month later, The New York Times announced it would be purchasing the puzzle game, in order to reflect “the company’s quest to grow digital subscriptions to 10 million by 2025”.

The aim of the game is to guess a random five-letter word in six tries. Every time you enter a letter, the colour of the tiles change to reflect how close your guess is to the right word.

However, new puzzles are only released once a day. As a result, there has been a rise in popularity of different yet similar games, with options ranging from number versions of the puzzle game to a Wordle-type game for countries.

From Quordle to Crosswordle, here are some of the most entertaining games to play as alternatives to Wordle.


Although this game is a spin-off of, and has the same goal, as Wordle, Quordle is actually quite different, and slightly harder. In order to win Quordle, players have to guess four five-letter words at the same time. Players have nine tries to solve all four words.


In this game, players have to guess two words, which cross each other, in as few tries as possible. The layout, similar to that of a crossword puzzle, includes boxes that change colours to show how close your guess is to the right answer.

For example, green indicates that the letter is in the correct location, while yellow indicates that players have guessed the right letter, but it’s in the wrong location.


Octordle is another game with the same goal and format as Wordle, but includes a bit more of a challenge. Players have to guess a total of eight words, all of which are five letters, in 13 tries.

Just like Wordle, the change of colour in the tiles will reflect how close you are to guessing the correct letter.


Unlike Wordle, Nerdle consists of using different numbers to solve a problem, with players given six tries to guess the solution.

Each solution consists of eight “letters,” which range from numbers one through 10 and can include the plus, minus, divide, or multiply symbols. All guesses have to include an equal sign at the end, in order to show what the full solution is.


In this game, the same rules of Wordle still apply, however, players can make some adjustments to the puzzle. More specifically, they can decide how long they want the word that they’re guessing to be, ranging from three to seven letters. They can also opt to pick a random letter count for the word.


Primel is another numbers game, where players have six tries to guess what the five-digit prime number is. In order for their guesses to be valid, players must enter a prime number at each attempt.


This puzzle game is notably the opposite of Wordle, as it gives players unlimited attempts to guess the five-letter word. However, according to the game’s site, “Absurdle is actively trying to avoid giving you the answer”.

After each guess, the game changes the target word, in an attempt to defeat the player. The set up of the game is still similar to Wordle, with the colour of tiles changing to give players hints about what the right word is.


Instead of showing a word puzzle, Worldle shows players a black shape, representing a certain country in the world. Players have six attempts to guess what that country is.

They receive hints along the way by, choosing from the list of countries. The game gives you a per centage to show how close you are to the right answer.

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