Writer completes her sweet love story with surprise engagement announcement

‘I don’t know you but this is adorable,’ fan writes

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Thursday 28 March 2024 22:05 GMT
Surprise engagement at Atlanta's airport

A writer has shared the sweet ending to her beautiful love story.

Sara K Runnels, a Seattle-based creative with work published in the New Yorker, met her match over two years ago. On 20 December 2022, the copywriter took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to confess the heartfelt gesture her date made, adding a cheeky joke that would turn out to be true.

“My date last night bought a New Yorker subscription in the middle of our date so he could read all my articles later, is this my husband now,” Runnels wrote to her followers.

In the comments section of her post, eager individuals added their two cents on how her date’s unexpected effort could be interpreted. While some thought the action was a bit much for only knowing Runnels for a short time, others thought it demonstrated a desirable trait in a partner.

“People think it takes so much to impress women. Turns out, being genuinely interested goes such a long way,” one woman noted.

Another supporter said: “A keeper. My hubby read the most boring law review article I ever wrote before our first date. He is not a lawyer.”

“Wow. Smooth!!! Yes, you will likely marry him,” one hopeful reader predicted. And they were right.

Now, a little over 24 months later, Runnels has revealed she is engaged to the same man. On 27 March, she took to X once again to share two poignant photos and a relationship update.

She said: “Reader, he was, in fact, my husband!! We’re getting married!!!!!!”

In the side-by-side stills, Runnels is seen grabbing her partner’s chin to squeeze their faces together with a dainty gold ring on her finger.

Her post immediately erupted with congratulatory messages, kindly wishing them both a happy life together.

“I don’t know you but this is adorable. Congratulations,” one woman proclaimed.

Another remarked: “Congratulations!!! I remember you tweeting about the date forever ago!”

“Congratulations! I remember reading this late-2022 tweet and thinking ‘that would make me think ‘is this the one?’ too.’ So, there you go. Happiness and luck to you both,” an enamored follower admitted.

In conversation with The Independent, Runnels detailed her thought process after her engagement. “My first thought after getting engaged was, ‘Oh, my god, I’m elated I get to spend the rest of my life with this sweet, special man,’” she said.

Runnels continued: “My second thought was, ‘I wish I could call my mom and tell her the spectacular news.’ And my third thought was, ‘I can’t wait to retweet my impulsive tweet about my date doing something so thoughtful & unexpected I deemed him marriage-worthy on the spot. Everyone who initially predicted he was going to be my future husband can finally sleep peacefully.’”

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