Overwhelming majority of shoppers look for bargains every day, poll claims

Majority of those polled feel more they have more disposable income than 10 years ago due to wealth of deals available

Astrid Hall
Friday 05 July 2019 18:31
Looking for a bargain appears to be integral part of most people in UK's daily lives
Looking for a bargain appears to be integral part of most people in UK's daily lives

The overwhelming majority of UK citizens look for ways to reduce their spending on a daily basis, a poll suggests.

Shopping in the reduced section, using price comparison sites and withdrawing cash so you can track your spending were among the top ways in which respondents tried to save money.

While 96 per cent of those polled look for bargains every day, seven in 10 will search the web for discount codes to make luxuries more affordable, including treats like spa days, meals out or trips away from home.

Respondents also reported buying non-branded foods such as ketchup or beans, making a coffee at home instead of buying one and travelling off-peak in order to reduce their outgoings.

More than a quarter of those polled felt they have more disposable income now than 10 years ago, with 28 per cent attributing this to there now being more ways to save money.

Behavioural psychologist, Emma Kenny said: “It appears that in modern consumer society, customers are demanding better deals when making the majority of their purchases.

“The positive emotional connection and reward that customers receive after discovering a discount reinforces subsequent shopping behaviour and is a powerful motivator in returning custom.

“Undoubtedly, the average consumer no longer feels constrained by the price tags they are presented with and they are happy to spend time online and in the physical world searching for discounts and vouchers meaning their money goes further.

“The savvy shopper is fast becoming the largest consumer demographic.”

The study of 2,000 adults also found 38 per cent think they get a better deal online, with the the majority of respondents scouring the internet for discount codes more than once a week.

Four in five of those polled are signed up to an average of five different reward cards or loyalty schemes.

And nearly half save up these loyalty points to spend when funds are running dry.

The majority of those polled take pleasure in finding bargains and believe that regardless of their finances, they would always look for ways to spend less money.


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