1 killed, 2 critically injured in Omaha house explosion

Fire officials say an explosion that leveled a home in Omaha, Nebraska, has left one person dead and two others critically injured

Via AP news wire
Tuesday 08 December 2020 17:30
APTOPIX Omaha House Explosion
APTOPIX Omaha House Explosion

An explosion that leveled a home in Omaha killed one person and left two others critically injured Tuesday morning, fire officials said.

Omaha Fire Department Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick said firefighters who responded to the explosion shortly after 8 a.m. found one person dead. Two other people were rushed to a hospital, Fitzpatrick said. Their names were not immediately released.

The explosion also caused significant damage to homes on either side of the house that exploded, the chief said. The blast in south-central Omaha rained splintered lumber and other debris throughout the neighborhood, and witnesses said it was felt and heard miles away.

The cause was not immediately released, but crews from the city’s natural gas utility were on the scene.

Melanie Grabowski, who lives down the street from the house that exploded, told the Omaha World-Herald she had just returned home from walking her dog when the explosion occurred.

“I heard a massive boom, and my house shook,” Grabowski said. "I looked outside, and I saw debris flying in the air.”

Grabowski said she and her neighbors rushed to the house and found a young man sitting outside what was left of the house. Neighbors wrapped him in blankets and carried him across the street from the explosion site, she said.

“His clothes were burned off him,” she said.