Biker who tried to help nightmare driver gets ultimate payback

After cutting off and swearing at a biker, an angry driver gets his comeuppance

Thomas Goulding
Wednesday 30 November 2016 17:23
Road rage incident results in the ultimate karma

A confrontation between a motorcyclist and a careless driver resulted in the ultimate karma on the road, captured perfectly by the biker's camera.

As the motorcyclist approaches a petrol station on an otherwise quiet road, a silver Hyundai pulls out quickly, appearing to cut him off.

Unknowingly, the car driver has left his wallet on the roof of the Hyundai, which falls onto the road as he pulls out in front of the biker and speeds away.

Sees this happen, the biker picks up the wallet and pursues the car along a residential road, seemingly to return the wallet.

However as the motorcyclist catches him up, the driver simply gives him the middle finger, thinking he is arguing over having the earlier incident, and again speeds away.

The driver finally pulls over, realising the biker is returning his wallet, and says, “Thank you so much, bruv”.

Tossing the wallet into the car, the biker grabs the driver’s phone, which had also been left on the roof of the car.

The biker shows the driver his phone, and tosses it in the air to fall onto the ground in front of him.

He then speeds away leaving the driver scrabbling around to recover his belongings.

The biker, uploading the video as ‘PadGuy’ on YouTube, said below the video, “I normally never lose my temper on the road, even after he cut me up i was trying to give him his wallet back [sic].

"But then he proceeded to flip me off and thats why dropped his phone on the ground [sic].”

Viewers online were quick to enjoy the payback, with Midland Moto commenting: “Oh my god that was absolutely beautiful,” and @Roberto45093105 on Twitter saying: “Oh the sweet revenge! Hopefully this driver will be less of an idiot in future...”.

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