Bouncers `beat up' Boy George

Sunday 23 October 2011 06:59

Boy George yesterday said he was beaten up by bouncers at the nightclub where he works as a DJ.

The former Culture Club pop star says he will never again work for the Ministry of Sound one of London's leading dance venues. He was due to begin work on an album, Dance Nation 3, for the club yesterday, but said the session, or any other, will never take place after the alleged attack at the south-east London nightspot.

Trouble flared when Boy George used his VIP pass to allow him to bypass the queue waiting to go inside the club for an Elvis Presley theme night.

He said two doormen refused to let his female companion, called Amanda, accompany him inside.

"I said `What's this, Islam? - we're special guests' and they grabbed me by the throat and dragged me out into the street. They kicked me and punched me and broke my fingernails. They actually beat me up under the poster advertising an album I have done for them.

"As far as I'm concerned my relationship with the Ministry of Sound is now over. We're through."

Mark Rodel, managing director of the Ministry of Sound, later confirmed an incident involving Boy George had taken place. Mr Rodel added that the doormen would all have recognised Boy George and known he worked at the club.

Boy George along with the Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong, both regulars at the club, recently produced one of the biggest-ever selling dance albums on behalf of the Ministry. The Annual 2 sold over 450,000 copies.

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