This is what taxi drivers know that you don't

Yes, they know all the shortcuts but what other wisdom do they know? 

Mollie Goodfellow
Sunday 01 November 2015 09:44 GMT
Don't always rush to get a cab with a meter...
Don't always rush to get a cab with a meter... (AFP/Getty )

In London they’re gifted with “The Knowledge” and worldwide should know the layout of any major city like the back of their hand, but taxi drivers know a lot more than just a shortcut to the nearest airport.

In a Quora forum, experienced taxi drivers and passengers shared the things that taxi drivers know that not everyone does:

Monday traffic is much busier than Fridays

Mohammed A. Soussi, a shuttle driver in Los Angeles for eight years explained that due to “casual Fridays”, the busiest says are “Mondays not Fridays.”

People don’t want to look like cheapskates

Simone Runyan argued that you should never underestimate people not wanting to look like cheapskates. He said: “I have run a few nights with a broken meter and asked customers to name their price. It usually works in my favour because customers don't want to look cheap.”

Cab companies may be the key to stolen cars

Kathleen Fasanella used to drive a cab and says: “If your car is stolen, call every cab company in town -before you call the police. Offer a reward for the driver who finds it and a reward for the dispatcher on duty at the time. In this way, dispatchers will remember to remind drivers.”

She added: “Cab drivers go places the police never do -apartment parking lots, side yards etc. There are more cab drivers than police officers and police have higher priorities than property losses.”

Don’t always book a taxi running a meter

Kandarp Joshi recalled advice he was given by a taxi driver.

“If you are in an unknown city, do not hire a taxi on meter. Just ask him, before hiring, the approximate rate to reach your destination. Decide the price and then hire the taxi. If you go by meter reading, he [the driver] can fool you by taking a longer route to reach your destination.”

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