Sustainable packaging – addressing consumer desire for green brands together


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Wednesday 04 August 2021 09:52 BST
Sustainable packaging – addressing consumer desire for green brands

Survey after survey confirms that consumers want to be greener in their purchasing decisions. Across various industries, from electronics to pharmaceutical as well as cosmetics, sustainability is redefining how shoppers choose the products they buy. Take, for example, a 2019 survey by Accenture. Its broad sample of 6,000 consumers in 11 countries determined that almost 72 per cent of respondents reported buying more eco-friendly products than they had five years earlier, and 81 per cent said they expect to buy more over the next five years.

When it comes to determining how a consumer perceives the sustainability of a product, packaging plays a crucial role. Consumers are increasingly mindful of whether packaging is recyclable or compostable or whether it must be thrown in the trash.

However, many companies still procrastinate over making the switch to sustainable packaging as they find implementing this change to be dauntingly complex. They worry about the ease and cost of transition as well as the potential impact to their branding.

Debunking the myths

Ease of conversion

RyPax can help companies convert to sustainable packaging seamlessly. We have the engineering, design and logistics resources to meet clients’ needs every step of the way, from designing unique prototypes to manufacturing and delivering only the highest quality moulded fibre packaging. As part of our integrated packaging solutions, we can produce every part of the packaging, from the inlay to the box and manual. Smart packaging options are also available.

RyPax solutions are also supported by relevant green certifications such as FSC Standard for Chain of Custody, G7, Environmental Management System and IECQ, providing assurance that materials and manufacturing processes are truly environmentally friendly.


The increase in cost for sustainable packaging used to be as high as 30 to 50 per cent. However, with improvements in technologies and the implementation of government taxation such as the EU plastic tax that went into effect on 1 January 2021, the difference in costing is now negligible.

Additionally, consumers have also expressed their willingness to pay more for sustainable packaging options. According to a Canadian study, 62 per cent of adults would pay more for products packaged in sustainable materials. And almost two-thirds of those people would pay up to 10 per cent more making cost less of a deterrent.

Impact on branding

Moulded fibre is a top choice eco-friendly material that can be used for aesthetic sustainable packaging. New technologies have enabled this adaptable, biodegradable material to be designed with smooth draft angles and a premium feel. It is also highly customisable and can be formed into many shapes and textures. Additionally, it can easily be matched to brand colours.

Other advances in packaging technologies, such as smart packaging, can help luxury brands maintain their image and boost consumer engagement. For example, a QR code can be printed on or attached to moulded fibre packaging. When consumers scan the code with a smartphone, they receive information about the brand’s sustainability efforts and instructions on how to recycle or reuse the packaging.

Taking the next step

Given the growing interest in sustainable products, the willingness of many to pay more for more sustainable packaging, as well as the backlash against plastic, the clear message is that if you have not switched to a green packaging option, now is time to make that change and send a powerful message to customers about your commitment to sustainability.

Contact us today and adopt a responsible approach towards your packaging. Visit for more information.

Originally published on Business Reporter

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