French are stingiest tippers in the world (and Brits are not far behind)

Britons are second behind the French when it comes to being the least generous with tips

Hardeep Matharu
Wednesday 12 August 2015 10:56
The French are the worst tippers according to a new study
The French are the worst tippers according to a new study

French tourists have been voted the worst tippers in the world. re the worst tippers in the world and Britons are not far behind, according to a new study.

A ‘tipping index’ of 132 bars and restaurants investigated perceptions of tipping trends in holiday hotspots including Barcelona, Las Vegas, Paris, Phuket and Ibiza.

Nearly 30 per cent of those surveyed highlighted tourists from France as the worst at tipping, One in five voted Britons the least generous tippers.

Americans, who have been relentlessly conditioned into tipping generously, topped the poll with 27 per cent.

This was followed by German tourists who were voted the best by 21 per cent of the bars and restaurants staff surveyed.

The index, carried out by Direct Line Travel Insurance, found that the average tip received by bars and restaurants is 11 per cent, while Britons were typically found to give a 7 per cent tip.

“Tipping expectations vary hugely across the globe and reflect different cultures, attitudes and laws,” Tom Bishop, head of travel insurance at Direct Line, said.

“Many of us feel awkward and confused when it comes to tipping practices across the world.

“To avoid uncomfortable situations and causing offence abroad, do your research into the nuances of tipping in the country you are visiting, as practices can vary widely from country to country.”

Additional reporting by PA

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