John Lewis Christmas advert 2016: The 5 funniest reactions

Here are the best reactions we spotted on Twitter

Zlata Rodionova@zlata07
Thursday 10 November 2016 13:01
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016

The John Lewis Christmas advert has dropped. It's business as usual for the brand, which has to live up to the high expectations of the nation every year.

The new two-minute clip Buster The Boxer, estimated to have cost about £7m, tells the story of a little girl called Bridget and five-year-old Biff as Buster her dog.

The advert is a return to a more traditional heart-warming tone for John Lewis after last year's Man on the Moon was perceived to be too melancholic by some viewers.

The retailer said it had aimed for a sense of fun, after 2016 had proved to be "quite a year".

Twitter, in its majority, welcomed the change of tone.

It’s also worth noting that the release of the add coincided with perhaps one of the most significant political events of our lifetime and the ad came as a welcome relief.

Here are the best reactions we spotted on Twitter:

Some people have been complaining, as expected that the advert is not as emotional as they wanted it to be.

1. This user had the best reply:

2. John Lewis’s campaign is known as the start of the festive season butTwitter users have spotted an obvious problem with some blaming the retailer for “ruining Christmas”.

3. Other loved the advert so much they unsuccessfully tried to "re-create" it at home.

4. Some people pointed out that the whole thing is designed to make us buy stuff.

5. Best of all is the ever-patient Mr John Lewis, the man who owns the @JohnLewis Twitter handle, who can usually be relied on to take identity mix-ups pretty well.

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