Tesco Christmas advert: People are threatening to boycott supermarket for having a Muslim family in ad

Supermarket's latest ad divides shoppers

Samuel Osborne
Tuesday 14 November 2017 08:25 GMT
Tesco Christmas advert 2017

Shoppers are threatening to boycott Tesco after its latest Christmas advert.

Britain's biggest supermarket released a 16-second video asking customers "Which food makes your Christmas dinner?"

Replying to the advert on Twitter, customers threatened to boycott the retailer.

"I am boycotting your store for the simple fact of your disrespectful ads against the Christian faith," one user tweeted.

Another said: "You don't DO Christmas... It is the celebration of the birth of The Christ... Show some respect to those who do believe."

It comes after Tesco faced backlash over its Christmas advert featuring a Muslim family celebrating was shown on TV.

Certain customers were displeased about the inclusion of a Muslim family in an advert celebrating a Christian holiday, while others attacked the supermarket chain for selling halal meat.

Tesco responded to criticism by saying: “Everyone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and we’re proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season.

“We want our customers to know that however they choose to do Christmas, and no matter what they need, we can help – Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco.”

The store was also forced to comment on its policies surrounding the sale of halal meat.

Responding to one Twitter user who said their family might boycott the store after discovering it sells halal products, Tesco said: "All un-stunned halal meat is labelled as such, so no customer will be sold un-stunned Halal meat without knowing."

But some customers saw the funny side of the boycott threats.

"Gonna be much easier to get my Christmas shopping now all these tiresome a******** are boycotting Tesco," one person tweeted.

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