Watch: Landmark Changing of the Guards as British troops join French on Entente Cordiale anniversary

Lucy Leeson
Monday 08 April 2024 15:26 BST

Watch again as a landmark Changing of the Guards took place on Monday (8 April) when British troops joined French on the Entente Cordiale anniversary.

French and British troops swapped roles to take part in the Changing of the Guards ceremonies outside the palaces of the other country’s head of state, in an unprecedented move to celebrate 120 years since the Entente Cordiale.

Signed in 1904, the Entente Cordiale accord cemented an improvement in relations after the Napoleonic Wars and is seen as the foundation of the two Nato members’ alliance to this day.

The ceremonies saw British guards first take part in the Changing of the Guard outside the Elysee Palace.

At the Elysee, 16 members of the Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards of the UK embassy, wearing their traditional bearskin hats, relieved French counterparts from the first infantry regiment.

The French army choir sang the two national anthems, God Save the King and La Marseillaise.

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