Curses kicked off kop

Alexandra Williams
Saturday 16 August 1997 23:02

The thought of "Dash it!" or "Oh, bother!" echoing at full volume across the football terraces when the striker gets sent off, or the opposition scores a blinding goal, seems about as likely as Accrington Stanley clinching the FA Cup, writes Alexandra Williams.

But, when passions ran a little too high at one football club, the powers- that-be introduced a swear-free zone.

Supporters in the no-swearing terrace at Bristol Rovers Football Club's Memorial Ground can get away with "Blast it" but are banned if a more dubious expletive is muttered.

The club's initiative followed complaints about bad language being bandied around in front of the new corporate hospitality boxes in the west stand.

The measure, introduced at the start of the season last week, has proved popular with fans.

"Fans have voted with their feet and moved to the terrace," said Roger Brinsford, Bristol Rovers' secretary.

The terrace has a capacity of 1,100 and 750 season tickets have been sold for the area.

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