Dewar joins Welsh `Yes' campaign

Sunday 14 September 1997 23:02

Donald Dewar, the Secretary of State for Scotland, yesterday joined the Welsh Assembly campaign but denied Labour was trying to bounce the Welsh into a "copycat vote". Fresh from his triumph in steering through the referendum for a Scottish Parliament, Mr Dewar insisted that devolution was for the benefit of everyone in Britain.

"I believe people in Wales will vote Yes on Thursday, and in large numbers. I am not here to ask Wales for a copycat vote. It is a decision for Wales. But what happened in Scotland symbolises public support behind modernising the British constitution. It is important for everyone in the UK in a wider context," he said.

Earlier, Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown cautioned against appearing to tell Welsh people to simply follow Scotland's example. "Welsh people aren't going to be told what to do by the Scottish people. Let's not say that because Scotland has done this, Wales must do it too," he said on GMTV.

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