Family advertise for tutor to dress up as ‘Miss Honey’ to teach Matilda-obsessed child

Parents hope to boost confidence of eight-year-old by recruiting 'lovely' character

Eleanor Busby
Education Correspondent
Wednesday 31 July 2019 14:32

A family is looking to recruit a “real-life Miss Honey” as a tutor to help teach their daughter maths.

The Manchester-based couple want to find a female tutor who resembles the character from Roald Dahl’s Matilda, who can channel her “gentle demeanour” and who will dress up like her.

The parents want to make their “Matilda-obsessed” eight-year-old, who they say is extremely timid and struggles with teachers at school, more confident through weekly tutoring sessions.

The child, who has read the book, seen the musical three times and watched the film 50 times, recently said to her parents that she would love to have Miss Honey as a teacher.

“We’d ideally like a tutor an hour a week to teach whilst in character as the lovely Miss Honey, costume and all,” the pair said, in an email to Tutor House, a tuition agency.

The parents are willing to pay £60 an hour for a tutor who can act the part well, the job advert said.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, told Tutor House that they will also cover the cost of a Miss Honey outfit – including the round glasses and long pink dress she wears in Matilda.

The ideal candidate will resemble actress Embeth Davidtz and will be able to do their hair in a “soft shoulder-length style which flicks out at the end”, the parents added.

An applicant is required to have at least three years’ experience in teaching maths – and they must have seen the film of Matilda and read the book.

The agency referred to the email in their blog, and said they were “happy to help” find the right professional “no matter how bizarre their requirements seem to be".

“I think it’s really quite inspiring the lengths these parents will go to to ensure their daughter is engaging with her educators and learning in the best possible way for her,” Alex Dyer, Tutor House’s founder, said.

He added: “Every child is different, and if one is struggling then it’s important their education is tailored to their needs. Unfortunately state schooling is under such a huge amount of pressure at the moment, it’s near impossible for teachers to deliver bespoke teaching methods.”

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