The 10 best language products


Samuel Muston@SAMuston
Wednesday 09 May 2012 23:13

1. DK Speak French in Just 15 Minutes a Day


Start the easy way with DK's series of language books which require a mere 15-minutes-a-day input. Perfect for commuters.

2. Living Language Platinum


This multimedia package includes online-learning modules and useful e-tutoring sessions in which the teacher can address any difficulties you might have.

3. BBC Languages Online


The BBC's language subsite is a treasure-trove for those wanting to pick up one of the 40 languages it caters for. It is in large part focused on imparting the basics.

4. iTalki

From free,

This isn't so much a structured-learning site as an online community where members' 100-plus countries swap their lingual expertise.

5. Rosetta Stone


This requires a long-term input. If you have the time and inclination, however, you'll find the immersion program, with its online sessions second to none.

6. Midori Dictionary App


Dictionary apps have can be modest affairs. Not the Midori Japanese-English dictionary, however, which is something of a powerhouse.

7. Foreign-Language Scrabble


If you're already at an intermediate level with your new language and fancy learning in a fun-filled way, why not check out Scrabble's foreign-language versions.

8. Digital Dialects


This offers users access to interactive games in more than 50 languages completely free of charge. Simply click on the language you are interested in.

9. Muzzy 20th Edition


This 20th-anniversary edition of the BBC's language course for children is just about the best immersive course for children you will find.

10. Gengo FlashCard App


You're not going to learn how to write a novel in your chosen language with this, but if you're looking for some common starter words this app is pretty handy.

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