Hague to get makeover

Paul Waugh,Sarah Schaefer
Sunday 23 October 2011 07:21

CONNOISSEURS OF naffness will mourn their passing, but the days of William Hague wearing a baseball cap or grooving on down at the Notting Hill Carnival appear to be over for good.

In an attempt to rid the Tory leader of his "young fogey" image, a senior editor of the men's fashion bible, GQ magazine, is to be appointed as his personal style consultant.

John Morgan, associate editor at GQ and editor of Debrett's Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners, will advise Mr Hague on every aspect of his dress sense and public conduct.

The appointment of Mr Morgan, 39, described as a "Burlington Bertie" character for his immaculate appearance, is the latest move in the drive to improve the Tories' image. Advisers believe Mr Morgan will act as a gentle brake on style crimes as the Tory leader attempts to appear both statesmanlike and in touch with today's youth.

News of the post came as the Tories' Creative Forum think-tank met yesterday for the first time to discuss how to rebrand the party. The idea of the party vice-chairman and former Asda boss, Archie Norman, it will look at plans to swap the traditional Tory attachment to the colour blue with a mixture of purple, turquoise and green.

When questioned about his appointment, Mr Morgan remained true to his own edict on loyalty and good manners. His office said: "He doesn't discuss his clients."

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