A quarter of women avoid exercise in fear of being judged, poll claims

Anxiety over appearance at gym contributing to many women staying away, says poll

Monday 09 September 2019 17:13 BST

One in four women shy away from exercise for fear of being judged, according to a new poll.

Almost half of 2,000 surveyed had at some point felt negatively judged when working out - with this number highest for those aged 18-24, 70 per cent of whom said they felt that way.

Thirty-seven per cent felt others believed they were not “good enough” to exercise and 28 per cent feared people thought they were "unattractive" when working out.

A third worry others will think they are a novice.

The poll also revealed a lack of movement which could have serious health implications.

The results revealed that the average respondent was physically active for just four hours a day, equating to three quarters of the waking day spent inactive.

More than one in five (21 per cent) admitted to participating in physical exercise less than once a week, if at all.

Many preferred to spend time watching TV (55 per cent), browsing the internet (42 per cent) or doing nothing at home (36 per cent).

The poll, commissioned by Sure Women, also claimed that despite women spending nearly £300 on gym memberships and fitness classes per year, many do not take advantage of the facilities they are paying for.


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