Forgotten Women: One woman’s tale of America’s relationship between domestic abuse and gun violence

As Thomas knelt beside his son, still pointing a gun at Kate, the four-year-old said: ‘Don’t do it Daddy. Don’t shoot Mummy’

Friday 30 November 2018 14:24

Gun violence in the United States has become so destructive and all-encompassing Amnesty International have branded it a human rights crisis.

Despite 80 per cent of all gun deaths in the world taking place in America and 30,000 adults and children dying every year in the nation, Congress has done little in recent years. With gun control a divisive issue that some fear to touch due to voter backlash and the right to bear arms enshrined in the second amendment, the government has been quiet. Zero gun control laws have been passed in congress in the last three years.

“The sheer volume of people killed or injured each year in the USA by gun violence is staggering. Our government has allowed gun violence to become a human rights crisis,” the Amnesty report claims.

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