Current Twitter trends: 'Inception,' Omaha Mall, Katie Price

Friday 16 July 2010 14:49

Science fiction-thriller Inception has moved into the top place in Twitter's most talked about topics on the morning of July 16.

The film is getting a great reception in the microblogs with a large majority of social networkers posting positive micro reviews on the site after seeing the "mind bending" flick.

The current most retweeted Inception post, "Inception LA Premiere last night - footage of the event and live music performance by Hans Zimmer" was originally tweeted by American actor Leonardo DiCaprio (@LeoDiCaprio).

Inception director Christopher "Nolan" is also trending in the charts this morning in seventh place.

Twitter darling Justin Bieber has turned "OMAHA MALL" into the second most talked about topic on Twitter after he took a trip to a shopping mall in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and was videoed freestyling a song about it.

The memes "#urnotalone," "#sheliedtoyou," and "#agoodrelationship" are in third, fourth and fifth positions respectively.

Apple's "iOS" (the name of the operating software for for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices) remains unchanged in sixth place while "Oil Spill" makes a return to Twitter's trending topics in eighth place.

The name of former glamour model and reality TV star "Katie Price" is trending in ninth place ahead of "CLR," a reference to Japanese website and an abbreviation used for the word "clear."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on July 16 at 9:30 AM GMT are:

1. Inception (+3)
2. OMAHA MALL (new)
3. #urnotalone (new)
4. #sheliedtoyou (new)
5. #agoodrelationship (new)
6. iOS (unchanged)
7. Nolan (new)
8. Oil Spill (re-entry)
9. Katie Price (new)
10. CLR (new)

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